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Cutting-Edge Aqua Health Solutions
for Latin America

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As Prices drop and Costs soar for farms, don't settle for ordinary probiotics. You Need Powerful Probiotics do more than just detoxify gases and sludge. They must significantly "promote floc formation" as natural feed and reduce stress when "increasing stocking densities, ultimately helping you saving costs" and maximizing profits. Now, Experience Such World-Class Probiotics, Growth promoters, and more, now available all over Latin America from our base in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Proudly representing the aqua health giant, Blueweight from India.

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Embrace the Elegance of Indian Ingenuity with Our Premium Quality Solutions.

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In collaboration with



Collaboratively Engineered by the Prestigious Chemical Engineers of the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.


Ingeniously Strategized in Partnership with Gaprik Europe OÜ, a Renowned Business

Consortium in Europe



Taking Your Shrimp Farming to
the Next Level

Targeted Probiotics

Degradation of Pond Bottom Sludge.

Reduction of harmful Vibrios. Promotes Floc Formation.


Supplement for phenomenal

Growth Difference

Minimizes Harmful Ammonia Gas in the Aqua Pond environment.



Discover Finest Aquaculture solutions

Blueweight Latam (KK BioAcua SAS), the official Ecuadorian subsidiary of Blueweight, India, is committed to providing top-tier shrimp healthcare products at competitive prices to dealers and shrimp farmers across Latin America.

"In the face of Shrimp farmer crisis, increasing stocking densities, shrimp farmers today confront numerous challenges. From toxic gases like ammonia and nitrite, sludge formation, infestation of unwanted molluscs, blooms of unwanted algae, to bacterial loads, our innovative solutions effectively tackle these issues."

Backed by international allies, we have product launches planned for the end of 2023, with further innovations in the pipeline for 2024 and 2025.

Our superior products at Blueweight Latam (KK Bioacua SAS) are currently being verified by CENAIM and are in the process of registration with the Government of Ecuador.

We extend an invitation to dealers and distributors in Ecuador to join us in a strategic collaboration to cater to the needs of Latin American farmers.



“These are the present requirements in Ecuador as we are increasing stock densities”

Augusto Paladines
Machala, El Oro Province, Ecuador


Let’s Work Together

Blueweight Latam

KK BioAcua S.A.S

RUC # 0993377631001


Edificio World Trade Center,

Av. Francisco de Orellana,

Guayaquil, Ecuador, 090512

Tel: +593 939881319, +593998521605

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Our official subsidiary in Ecuador


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