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Protect your Aqua Pond Atmosphere

  • ABOLISH will help you to eliminate  majorly poisonous gases  and to reduce toxic effects in your  aquaculture ponds.

  • Reduces the ammonia gas and it will help you with the cleareance at your pond's bottom.

  • It's a probiotic that also contents plants to control bad odour and descompose sludge. 

  • Makes Animals More Active and Stress Free.

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The Main Benefits

  • Minimizes Harmful Ammonia Gas in Aqua Pond Atmosphere.

  • Helps in Sludge Clearance at the Pond’s Bottom

  • Oxidizes the ammonia to form nitrites and nitrates

  • Enhances the organic nitrification and also denitrification cycles, to

  • convert nitrate right into nitric oxide, nitrous oxide and harmless nitrogen to create as well as preserve a high water quality.

  • Controls off Bad Odour. Breaks-down Organic Flocs and also Un-decomposed sludge.

  • Makes Animals More Active and Stress Free.

What does it contain?


Each 1000 g contains:

Yucca Schidigera     10%
Boric acid                  10%
EDTA                          5%

Microbes : 1% ( Min. 3 billion UFC)
Bacillus subtilis (MTCC 441)
Bacillus polymyxa (MTCC 122)
Bacillus licheniformis (MTCC 9555)
Zeolites, Lime & Dolomite as base  Q.S.

How to Apply

Take the recommended quantity of ABOLISH, mix with 10 times of sand and
water and broadcast all over the pond uniformly at 05:00 pm.


500 gm per hectare for every 2 weeks
or as per the advice of Aqua Consultant.

Shelf Life/Pack/Storage

2 Years. 500GM Pack.
Store in a cool & dry place with good ventilation. Avoid direct sunlight.



Technical Sheets

May Contain Technical Data Sheets/COA/Lab Reports/MSDS

The Origin of the Product

Manufactured in India by:

Blueweight Biosciences Private Limited

8-57, Blueweight Campus,
Tempalli Village,

Gannavaram Mandal,

Vijayawada (R)

Krishna Districit, AP, India-521286

Telephone: +918019504508

Imported & Commercialized in Ecuador by:

KK BioAcua SAS


Edificio World Trade Center,

AV. Francisco de Orellana,

Guayaquil, Ecuador, 090512

Teléfono: +593 939881319, +593998521605

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