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Super Probes PS

One Probiotic, Many uses.

  • No need to Ferment.

  • The Product's direct Application is going to make your pond bottom and water to pristine state.

  • Easy to Apply. And best results if applied every week.

  • The Photosynthetic bacteria present in Super Probes PS is in anaerobic in nature and do not absorb the Pond DO (Dissolved oxygen) in any manner.


The Main Benefits

  • Reduction of H2S content, thiosulphate and controls bad odor.

  • Prevents Vibrio species and the occurrence of Luminous bacteria.

  • Reduce the blue green algae in the pond water which causes microcyst.

  • Improve the water quality and reduce pollution.

What does it contain?

Guaranteed Analysis:

Total Microbes Min. 1 x 10^9 CFU/ml


Contains Rhodobacter spp. & Rhodococcus spp. 

How to Apply

Take the recommended quantity of Super Probes PS, dilute with sufficient
water and apply all over the pond uniformly.


Apply 5-10L of product per hectare for every week.
or as per the advice of an aquaculture consultant.

Shelf Life/Pack/


9 months.

5lt, 20lt container. 
Store in a cool & dry place with good ventilation.
Avoid direct sunlight.


Store at Room Temperature (27- 35 ºC ) cool and dry place. Shake well before use. Do not add any disinfectant/ Chemicals before/after 3 days during this application.

Aqua culture use only/ Not For medicinal/Human Usage.

Technical Sheets

May Contain Technical Data Sheets/COA/Lab Reports/MSDS

The origin of the product

Manufactured in India by:

Blueweight Biosciences Private Limited

8-57, Blueweight Campus,
Tempalli Village,

Gannavaram Mandal,

Vijayawada (R)

Krishna Districit, AP, India-521286

Telephone: +918019504508

Imported & Commercialized in Ecuador by:

KK BioAcua SAS


Edificio World Trade Center,

AV. Francisco de Orellana,

Guayaquil, Ecuador, 090512

Teléfono: +593 939881319, +593998521605

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