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We are extending a warm, personal invitation for you to become a part of our unique network of Dealers, Distributors, and Businesses across Ecuador and Latin America. Here's why you'll love partnering with us:


Selective Authority in Your Zone: Imagine having the power to manage and influence your assigned zones. We can turn that into reality once you meet our specific conditions.

Profit Is a Given, Not a Gamble: With us, profitability is a guarantee, not just an aspiration.

We've Got Your Back: As our bond strengthens, we'll provide Technical Sales Officers (TSOs) to bolster your operations. Like any good support, it's conditional - but we're confident you'll meet the mark.

A Level Playing Field: We’ve set a firm Minimum Selling Price (MSP) to ensure all partners follow the same discount limit for consumers, keeping the competition healthy and fair.

We’re Not Here for a Good Time, We’re Here for a Long Time: Our vision? A thriving, long-term partnership based on mutual growth and success. And we’d love for you to be a part of that journey.

We’re Keeping It Exclusively To Best Partners only: Not with All. We’re making partnerships count by only teaming up with Cash & Carry Dealers. This means we work only with few committed people rather than flooding the goods all over.


With us, you're not just securing a spot - you're securing a future of boundless potential and steady profitability. We have new product releases planned not only for 2023 but till 2025. KK BioAcua is the official subsidiary of Blueweight in Latam to provide supplies to you.


This isn't just an invitation, it's a chance for you to be part of an ecosystem that's thriving and growing, just like you.


Join us today. Let's redefine your business story together and make it a part of a network that genuinely values farmer’s growth, profit, and stability. 


Now, Welcome to our Blueweight family.

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