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Bluegold Gel

A first class performer as a pellet binder

  • In BLUEGOLD GEL, you get a solid attractor and binding agent for pellet feed.

  • It decreases any wastage of pellet feed & enhances the durability.

  • Has attractive flavor, taste and palatability for quicker consumption.

  • It also helps to rise development and weight gains.

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The Main Benefits

• Enhances the resilience as well as the security of the pellet feed.
• A first class performer as pellet feed binder.
• Prevents any wastage and leaching of active ingredients.
• Offers excellent water stability and ensures efficient feed utilization.
• Has attractive flavor, taste and palatability for quicker consumption

What does it contain?


Each 1000mL contains
Sodium             190 mg
Calcium             18mg
Carbohydrates  1800mg
Total Calories     7.5kcal
DM Water          Q.S.

How to Apply

Mix well the recommended quantity of BlueGold gel with pellet feed.
Dry the feed under cool shade for 30 minutes before application.


Mix 30-50ml of BLUEGOLD GEL per kg of pellet feed.
Or as the advice of an aquaculture consultant.

Shelf Life/Pack/Storage

2 Years. 5lt, 17lt Pack.
Store in a cool & dry place with good ventilation. Avoid direct sunlight.



Technical Sheets

May Contain Technical Data Sheets/COA/Lab Reports/MSDS

The Origin of the Product

Manufactured in India by:

Blueweight Biosciences Private Limited

8-57, Blueweight Campus,
Tempalli Village,

Gannavaram Mandal,

Vijayawada (R)

Krishna Districit, AP, India-521286

Telephone: +918019504508

Imported & Commercialized in Ecuador by:

KK BioAcua SAS


Edificio World Trade Center,

AV. Francisco de Orellana,

Guayaquil, Ecuador, 090512

Teléfono: +593 939881319, +593998521605

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